Welcome! My name is Dana and I’m so grateful you’re here!

Welcome to “The Plate and The Compass,” a culinary and travel haven where every shared
experience is an invitation to savor life’s most delicious journeys. I’m Dana Vento, an award-
winning writer and the compass behind the plate, leading you through a savory adventure from
your kitchen to destinations around the globe.

Travel pulses through my veins, from the rugged Irish coasts and the scenic routes of the USA to
hidden gems across the pond. My compass knows no bounds; like my namesake ‘Vento’ (Italian
for ‘wind’), I’m carried to the vibrant corners of the world by the stories they whisper. From the
“Windy City” of my youth to the countless destinations I’ve embraced, each place unveils a
narrative, eagerly penned in my ongoing saga.

My path has been a collection of authentic moments and cultural exchanges, spotlighted by
collaborations with travel titans like Holland America, Carnival Cruise Lines, and immersive
experiences in Aruba, St. Martin, and beyond. With accolades for my travel writing and
photography, including awards from Niagara Falls USA, and Cabarrus North Carolina through
Travel Media Showcase, I’ve etched a mark in the world of travel journalism.

Drawing from a dynamic background (with DanaVento.Com as my launching pad), and
leveraging a Master’s in HR Management with a specialized focus in Training and Development,
I’ve reshaped the art of ‘training’ for the digital world.

Through step-by-step culinary guides (recipes) and detailed travel insights and itineraries, I offer
a culinary and wanderlust blueprint for success. It’s always amazing to me how life’s path
unfolds, and by embracing it, I’ve found my true calling in the intersection from the kitchen to
the corners of the globe.

Join me at “The Plate and The Compass” where every recipe is a passport to global flavors and
every journey is an opportunity to craft your own story. Here we navigate the world together
with a plate and a compass one destination at a time. Welcome aboard ~ Dana XO

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